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5 Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain makes daily life pretty miserable for many people. While many factors can cause and worsen your symptoms, certain conditions are especially common culprits. Keep reading to learn the common causes of back pain.

May 3rd, 2021
Acupuncture and COVID-19: What You Should Know

Acupuncture can provide a range of important health benefits, from reduced pain to boosted energy. If acupuncture is approached well during the COVID-19 pandemic, related risks can be minimized to ensure your safety.

Jan 10th, 2021
Recognizing the Signs of Opioid Dependence

Worried that you or someone you know is misusing prescription pain medications? Opioid drugs can be a helpful tool when it comes to pain relief, but they are highly addictive. Here are a few ways to recognize that there could be a problem.

Dec 2nd, 2020