5 Essential Steps To Take After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

5 Essential Steps To Take After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

Accidents happen to other people, but not to you, right? Think again. Everyone is at risk of having an accident from something during their lives, including a slip-and-fall. 

No matter whether you fall at home, at work, or in a retail establishment, there are procedures you need to follow to ensure your medical and legal needs are met.

At Coastal Pain Medicine, board-certified pain specialist Dr. Patrick Brennan and our staff specialize in caring for slip-and-fall patients, both immediately following an injury and throughout the rehabilitation process.

A slip-and-fall comes under personal injury, and our experience in this area goes beyond just medical exams and targeted treatment. Our team has in-depth knowledge of insurance claims, attorney representation, and more. Here’s what you need to do in case of a slip-and-fall.

Steps to take after a slip-and-fall accident

Here are the five steps you should take after experiencing a slip-and-fall accident.

1. Ask for help

Even if they’re in pain, most people who slip and fall just get up, get their bearings, then walk away. That’s not a good idea because you might be more injured than you think. But it’s also a bad idea because you may be giving up your right to compensation, especially if you fell at work or in a store.

Instead, stay where you are and ask for immediate assistance. Don’t leave until you’ve spoken with someone in charge and have been medically evaluated.

2. Get medical assistance

Your injuries may not be readily apparent. It may take days or even weeks to discover the full extent of the damage. A complete examination shortly after the fall can help assess any injuries you may not be aware of yet, and it can serve as a starting point for any future developments. 

If you file a lawsuit for the accident, the nature and severity of your injuries are critical to determining compensation.

3. Document the situation

Your first priority should always be to seek medical care, but you should also try to preserve any evidence at the scene of your fall. 

If you’re unable to, ask a friend, family member, or helpful bystander. Take photos of the scene if you can, and ask any witnesses to provide a written account of what happened. The information you gather will go to proving liability.

4. Make an official report

If you fell at your workplace, inform your supervisor or manager of what happened, as this will likely be a workers’ compensation claim. If you’re too injured to report it at the scene, file it as quickly as you can once you get checked out.

If you fall in a public place, ask a supervisor or manager to help you file an accident report. Most companies have the necessary forms on hand for just such an incident on their premises. Completing this report helps you document your side of the story and start an official paper trail that may prove useful later on.

5. Protect your legal rights

If you’ve been hurt in a slip-and-fall, you need to know what your rights are, and that’s where an experienced personal injury attorney can help. They can determine whether you have a valid liability claim and help you understand all the technicalities of your case. 

Once your condition is stable, get in touch with a reputable attorney in your area.

Getting medically evaluated

No matter where you fall, the insurance companies (and lawyers) involved want an independent medical evaluation, and that’s where our team at Coastal Pain Medicine comes in. 

We’re certified by the state of Florida to provide such services, and we specialize in minimally invasive, highly precise interventional pain management strategies to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate our patients’ injuries.

We have detailed knowledge of the personal injury claims process, and we can act as your go-between with the lawyers and insurance companies. We help you navigate through all the paperwork and proceedings so the only thing you need to do is concentrate on getting better.

We guarantee you’ll get an initial consultation with Dr. Brennan within three days of your call, and we provide 24-hour turnaround on all patient care notes for the attorneys.

Have you had a slip-and-fall? Coastal Pain Medicine can help. Call our office in Pompano Beach, Florida, at 954-833-8552 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Brennan, or contact us online today.

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