When It Comes to Personal Injury, We Work for Our Patients First

When It Comes to Personal Injury, We Work for Our Patients First

Accidents happen, and no matter if you were injured in a car crash or a slip-and-fall, you need a proper medical evaluation, an accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment.

At Coastal Pain Medicine, board-certified pain specialist Dr. Patrick Brennan and our staff specialize in caring for patients in Pompano Beach, Florida, immediately following an injury and throughout the rehabilitation process.

Our personal injury experience goes beyond just medical exams and targeted treatment. Our team has in-depth knowledge of insurance claims, attorney representation, PIP coverage, and more. We also work closely with the insurance companies and attorneys so you can keep your attention on getting well.

What conditions are considered a personal injury?

What type and duration of treatment you need depends on the nature and severity of your injury. Common injuries that result from car accidents include:

Sprains, strains, and fractures are also common injuries in slip-and-fall accidents.

Treating personal injury conditions

When you’ve sustained an injury and come into our office for an evaluation, Dr. Brennan first takes a detailed medical history and tries to obtain as much information as he can about your injury, how it occurred, and what symptoms you have. 

He’ll probably order imaging tests such as X-rays, a CT, or an MRI scan to view the extent of the damage. 

Once he has all the data, Dr. Brennan draws up a treatment plan to address your specific needs. As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, he takes a more holistic approach to treatment, combining traditional Western medical practices with alternative therapies.

If you’re struggling with whiplash or another neck injury or if you’ve developed lower back pain that originates from nerve damage and/or inflammation, but over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications aren’t helping, Dr. Brennan might recommend:

If you have a fracture, see an orthopedist first to get it set, then Dr. Brennan can help relieve the associated pain and work with you to rehab the injury.

We work for our patients first in personal injury claims

At Coastal Pain Medicine, our team is a compassionate and informed voice for people dealing with a personal injury, as well as an experienced partner to intervene with their attorneys. 

We specialize in interventional pain management strategies that are minimally invasive and highly precise to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate our patients’ injuries.

And with our detailed knowledge of the personal injury claims process, we can help you navigate through all the paperwork and the legal proceedings so your only focus is on getting better.

We promise you can get an initial consultation within three days of your call, and we provide 24-hour turnaround on all the doctor’s patient care notes for the attorneys.

If you’ve sustained a personal injury and need to file a claim, Coastal Pain Medicine is the team you want to have in your corner. Call our office at 954-833-8552 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Brennan, or contact us online today.

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