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At Coastal Pain Medicine, we are passionate about working with personal injury patients and their attorneys. We specialize in the care of patients immediately after an injury, typically from a car accident or slip and fall injury. We will implement a treatment plan to address the patients’ pain and injury, as well as provide in-depth knowledge on other factors such as insurance claims, PIP, great legal representation, and the many findings and factors of a personal injury case.

We aim to be a compassionate and informed voice for people dealing with personal injury and a partner to their attorneys. As experienced Interventional Pain Medicine providers, we specialize in using minimally invasive, highly precise procedures for the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of our patients.

If you are a personal injury attorney, it would be our pleasure to partner with you. We are Board Certified Pain Physicians, approved by the State as a registered pain management facility, and happy to work on a lien basis.

We can promise an initial appointment within 3 days, and 24-hour turnaround on all patient care notes.

Please reach out to our dedicated Personal Injury claim coordinator at (954) 284-0996 or


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